I became a programming and data science enthusiast during Biomedical Informatics undergraduate when I learned to seek information in cancer and stem cells sequencing data using R. Still, in college, I joined the local Python community and did a brief internship as a back-end developer using Python and Django. After that, I went back to analyzing data for a research project in which I used the Natural Language Processing library NLTK to process tweets.

After graduating, I became part of Operação Serenata de Amor as a data scientist. I helped find irregular expenses made by our government throughout a year, analyzing the Brazilian government open data, and gave more than 13 talks worldwide. This project is a reference for using technology in the fight against corruption in my country.

After parting ways with the Serenata’s team, I joined a startup called Nuveo, once again as a developer working with Python and Go to automate processes. In 2019, I dedicated myself to data science once again as part of Grupo Globo’s data science team.

For almost a year, I analyzed data produced inside TV Globo to create insights and generate value in a range of inner areas. When I changed jobs once again, I joined the iFood’s data science tribe to develop recommendations models to help Brazilians decide what they would like to eat.

Nowadays, I moved completely away from data science at the moment and got my dream job! My goal is to empower developers by sharing knowledge as a Senior Developer Advocate at Auth0.

I’m co-host and co-founder of Pizza de Dados, the first data science podcast in Brazil. Pizza is debating topics in data science with specialists in a diverse variety of areas in the field. All the episodes are recorded in Portuguese to help increase data literacy among Portuguese-speaking people.

Other than that, I continue to contribute and maintain open-source projects on GitHub. I’m also part of the instructors’ team at both Data Bootcamp and LinkedIn Learning. I write technical posts about many technology-related subjects on my blog and Pizza’s blog.