I became a software development and data science enthusiast during Biomedical Informatics undergraduate when I learned to seek information in cancer and stem cells sequencing data using R. Still, in college, I joined the local Python community and did a brief internship as a back-end developer using Python and Django. After that, I went back to analyzing data for a research project in which I used the Natural Language Processing library NLTK to process tweets.

After graduating, I became a data scientis at Operação Serenata de Amor as a data scientist. I helped find irregular expenses made by our government throughout a year by analyzing the Brazilian government open data and gave more than 13 talks worldwide. This project is a reference for using technology in the fight against corruption in my country.

After parting ways with the Serenata’s team, I joined a startup called Nuveo, once again as a developer working with Python and Go to automate processes. In 2019, I dedicated myself to data science once again as part of Grupo Globo’s data science team.

For almost a year, I analyzed data produced inside TV Globo to create insights and generate value in a range of inner areas. When I changed jobs again, I joined the iFood’s data science tribe to develop recommendations models to help Brazilians decide what they would like to eat.

I’m co-host and co-founder of Pizza de Dados, the first data science podcast in Brazil. Pizza debates topics in data science with specialists in various areas in the field. All the episodes are recorded in Portuguese to help increase data literacy among Portuguese-speaking people.

I have shared technical content throughout my career and helped many people learn more about different subjects in the technology world. Because of this passion for sharing knowledge, I changed careers and moved entirely away from data science. I joined Auth0 as a senior developer advocate and started working with what I’m most passionate about: sharing knowledge and helping people.

I was awarded the Dorneles Treméa|Jean Ferri Award, which symbolizes the Brazilian Python community’s recognition of those who dedicated themselves to helping the community.

Other than that, I continue to contribute and maintain open-source projects on GitHub. I’m also part of the instructors’ team at both Data Bootcamp and LinkedIn Learning. I write technical posts about many technology-related subjects on my blog, Pizza’s blog, and create git study cards in Portuguese at GitFichas.

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