Cover from 'The Big Git Microbook' being shown in an iPad

The Big Git Microbook

a quick guide to commands you will use daily

What if you could have a Git dictionary? A book where you could find a description of how the most commonly used commands work, with practical examples?
This microbook is an introduction to the fundamental concepts and commands of Git, a version control system widely used by software developers.
Throughout this book, you will have the chance to practice concepts and commands through real-world examples.
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What is covered in this book?


Chapter I - Initial concepts

  1. Starting a repository
  2. Staging changes
  3. Checking changes made
  4. Making commits

Chapter II - Managing history

  1. Checking the history
  2. Undoing commits
  3. Adjusting commits

Chapter III - Managing branches

  1. Listing branches
  2. Creating branches
  3. Switching branches
  4. Merging branches
  5. Renaming a branch
  6. Deleting a branch

Chapter IV - Publishing projects

  1. Managing Remotes
  2. Sending changes
  3. Receiving updates
  4. Downloading a project

Chapter V - Other concepts

  1. Contributing to projects


Is there an end of year deal?

Yes! Throughout the whole end of year (until Jan 2nd) you get a 30% discount using the code QMJNMT3. Only on Gumroad, apply the code at checkout.

Is there a hard copy of this microbook?

Yes! The paperback version of the book is available through Amazon.

What if I have other questions or comments?

Send me an email to 😉