Finally I managed to get this thing going! After a few days trying to get this beautiful Jekyll template to work, and a lot of time in between theese days, I finally got it to work! \o/

it's alive


So yeah, I’m a pythonista and I love Python, but I still decided to have a personal page that is ruby based. First because, GitHub deploys Jekyll pages without having to build the site somewhere before uploading it like Pelican would have me do. And secondly, because I fell in love with this template, it is simple, markdown based, and it gave me an opportunity to learn a little bit more about Jekyll and Ruby.

Also, I’m brazilian, so just let me warn you in advance, most of my posts will be in portuguese, especially the ones with technical information. The main reason for that is that I have noticed that a lot of information about programming and software development is passed in english and this creates a barrier for students that have little to no knowledge of english and want to learn more about these subjects.

Other than that not much to say here…

See you soon ;)