If nothing else, sharing knowledge is a joyful experience. Think of the first time you learned to do something. Really learned. Didn’t it feel amazing? Didn’t you want to tell everyone and see their reactions when they saw that cool thing?

I know I did. This is the same feeling I have in mind when I’m creating a new piece of content, be it a blog post, a video, a podcast episode, or a new talk. It is always the same. I want to share this cool thing with anyone that will listen.

The thing is, for the past two years, I’ve been talking to a camera. I had to change the interaction and questions to the crowd into questions that nobody could answer back. Sure there were chats, but it wasn’t the same thing, and that is okay, but I miss the exchange. It feels like talking to the void and never getting an answer back.

I had forgotten how the build-up of happiness goes right before the trip. Planning the talk, getting the suitcase ready, making a mental note to print invitation letters, grabbing the passport, and so on.

After two years, I’ll be able to ask questions and see the people’s faces light up when they arrive at a conclusion they want to share.

For the first time in forever, I’ll ask the questions, and there will be people there to actually answer. It feels great to know that I won’t be only talking to a camera anymore.

If you talk at events, you may not be ready to get back on the road just yet, and that’s okay. Take your time, and don’t rush it. It is hard to change two years’ worth of habits.

But as the world falls into a post-pandemic rhythm of new normalcy, remember what it felt like when you shared that cool thing with other humans. Hold on to that for when you are ready to get back on the road. I’m sure it will be great.