I heard this question a few times, so I decided to make a list.

A photo of my desk at night, you can see the computer monitor, computer, keyboard, mouse and other things like the ones in the lists of this post.

In case you are building your own setup or trying to improve the one you already got, actually seeing how others do theirs might help.

The list is divided into the categories as follows:

  1. Desk: Everything on my desk that I use on a daily basis like my keyboard, mouse, and so on;
  2. Recording or Streaming: All material for recording videos and/or live-streaming, here you find my lighting, green screen, microphone, camera, and others;
  3. Coding: my favorite tools for writing code including setup personalization scripts;
  4. Apps and Software: Apps I use on my devices from password managers to writing tools;
  5. Services: Platforms I use for imaging, domains, and others;
  6. Travel: My preferred travel gear, since I’m on the road a lot, travel gear can make or break my traveling;
  7. Storage: SSDs and flash drives for when I need to store files locally;
  8. Decor: The little things you see in my background like funkos and LED panels.

Keep in mind that these lists will change over time as add or remove things from my daily use. Also friendly disclaimer: some of these links are affiliated which means I’ll get a small percentage if you buy the items using the links I shared, and in some instances you might get store credits as well!

Without further ado, here are the links: